Friday, June 8, 2012

the activities which propose to make my summer unforgettable

last year, at the beginning of august, i had to recommit myself to having fun. i felt like i had kind of wasted my summer and i wanted to really make something of the last few weeks before school was in again. this summer is a little different, for a couple of reasons. first, school won't really be "back in" for me come the fall. that is actually really weird to type out/contemplate. and second, i resolved early on this summer that i was going to make it awesome. the time is ripe for some incredible summer adventures. away we go:

lake powell
learn to ride a bike (yeah, i've been saying it for awhile. the time is now.)
mona lake
camp out (partially checked off for roughing it one night in moab)
outdoor movies
bonfires (s'mores=one of my favorite treats ever)
manti pageant
spend time with awesome boys (and girls, but i'm trying to make something happen here)
concerts (twilight concert series season pass? check)
art projects
wearing a skirt or dress every other day at least
write: thesis+essays
demolition derby
strawberries and cream (yummmmmmmmmmm)
swim. obviously. i basically live at the pool already.
floating lanterns, legit style
float the provo river
learn to sew
read good books (like i wouldn't be doing that anyway)

so this is my list thus far. i will update it as i see fit. and my summer shall be unforgettable and un-regrettable (which apparently isn't a word? just kidding. it just isn't a word to blogger, for some reason.)

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