Tuesday, June 19, 2012

the great 'wich hunt: from my own kitchen

this isn't technically part of the search, and i'm not going to rate my own kitchen for menu readability and other such criteria. but, i did make a pretty awesome sandwich the other day, and i feel the need to share it with the blogging world.

the story: i am always on the lookout for good recipes on pinterest. one caught my eye a few weeks ago: 

doesn't that look so delicious?

the recipe: maybe one of the reasons i love sandwiches so much is that they are so easy to make. some would argue that this is the reason not to go out to sandwich places--you can usually make yourself a sandwich fairly easily. and sometimes i do get in that kind of mood, where i decide to just get all the yummy ingredients and do it myself. this sandwich features pesto, provolone (or mozzarella), spinach, sliced avocado, and goat cheese crumbles. just toss all that between two slices of bread, spread some butter on those two slices, and grill to melty perfection.

and here is the finished product. so delicious! though i did decide that, the next time i make this, i will add some bacon because 1) it needed a little touch of salty meatiness, and 2) bacon makes everything better.

so, another successful pinterest meal, and a sandwich that will undoubtedly keep me satisfied for years to come.

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