Thursday, June 7, 2012

new catch phrase

i noticed a few days ago that i was saying "there you go" quite often, all of a sudden. like after every third sentence or so. a friend would say, oh, i just remembered what i have to do tomorrow, and i would say, well, there you go. it's a fairly useful phrase, if rather random.

i've been wondering why i've started saying it so much lately, why it's become such a big part of my vernacular. then, yesterday, in the car on the drive up to buffalo wild wings for 50 cent wings, i said something about it to meredith and jesse. meredith said, yeah, jesse says that all the time. and jesse said, yeah, i always say that. and that was that.

so i guess jesse is rubbing off on me, and i didn't notice. that worries me a little :)

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