Thursday, June 14, 2012

what to do when you can't sleep

for whatever reason, i haven't been able to sleep through the night for the past couple weeks. i don't know if i'm reverting back to infancy or something, but it's starting to get frustrating that i wake up every night at least once, usually around 3 am. this morning a stupid text telling me i won a $1000 best buy gift card woke me up at 3:52 and then i was up for another 2 hours.

last saturday when i woke up at 4:45, i went out on the balcony. but there are some mornings when i can't do that. so here are some of the things that cross my mind as i'm lying awake thinking of things to do to at least make these wakeful hours productive.

push-ups/sit-ups. i might as well work out, right?
read. always has been my go-to, always will be.
go for a run. this is a little sketchy, and i never want to go on runs in real life, but your brain is a little addled at 3 in the morning.
clean. everything.
write in my journal.
go lay in the hammock. because maybe the swaying will put me to sleep?
crafts/art projects. i can never justify doing them during the day, so if i suddenly have a few extra hours, why not?
watch stuff on netflix. i've been meaning to watch bill cunningham new york.

this morning i opted to write in my journal. so, from 4:30 to 6:15, i recorded about 8 pages of recent experiences for posterity.

i'm starting to get worried, though. why can't i sleep? what should i do? i mean, i am trying to put the time to good purpose, but i think that sleep is generally a good purpose, am i right? any suggestions?

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