Wednesday, June 20, 2012

status change

remember when facebook statuses had that compulsory "is"? like "Courtney Beesley is..." "Courtney Beesley is sincerely hoping that this all-nighter will be worth it." or, the classic "Courtney Beesley is sad :(" You always had to talk about yourself in the third person or else it didn't make sense, and your creativity was severely limited by the mundanity of "is" (i'm not sure if "mundanity" is a word, but it should be). it was such a revolution when they took out that pesky "is" and we could finally be direct about things, or at least utilize more than just a simple present tense to be verb.

i might be growing out of facebook a little, but i can't deny that it's had an impact on my life.

Courtney Beesley thanks facebook for that.

1 comment:

  1. Courtney Beesley "is" hilariously entertaining and, all around, pretty darn awesome!