Wednesday, June 6, 2012

the times they are a changin' (ever heard of that as a post title before?)

i'm still amazed at how quickly things can change. i am so happy these days, but for completely different reasons than the reasons i was happy just a few weeks ago.

in april, i started but never finished a blog post about how i felt like i was floundering--that was the word that kept coming back to me. i felt really good about a lot of relationships in my life, but i could feel myself failing in most of the other areas. and i was so stressed about it. the weight of a lot of struggles was on me. i was having the time of my life with my friends, but other important issues--school and work--were not falling into place.

now, i feel a million times better about my school and work situation. nothing is really figured out, but i have a plan and i have a knowledge that things happen for a reason. things are different with my friends, but they are different for good reasons. i'm having fun but also getting things done, which hasn't really been the case for quite awhile now.

so, i've come to terms with the fact that things change, but they change for good reason. life is all about adapting and succeeding gloriously, as elder scott puts it.

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  1. oh man do i understand how you feel. i'm glad you're feeling good about school and work though! we shall overcome! ;)